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My hometown is tiny. It’s about 1.5 square miles. The population is roughly 2,500. It’s a map dot, that’s for sure, but I love St. Henry, OH. There are things about a small town that you just don’t get in the big city – I know this, because I’ve lived in the city for the last 6+ years of my life. One of the things you don’t get in the city: candy Smarties for making a transaction at the bank.

When I was a kid, I would ride along with my mom to the St. Henry Bank on Saturday mornings, she’d pull into the drive-thru, make her banking transaction and when they’d send the little capsule back over to us there would ALWAYS be a little sweet treat in the capsule for me and my siblings. The treat: Smarties. Always.

I so looked forward to getting those Smarties every time I went to the bank. Oddly enough, that simple treat began to subconsciously shape the way I thought about the bank. It was an act of kindness towards the customer that I’ve never forgotten, a tiny token of appreciation for doing business with them. It was not necessary and I’m sure is a teeny-tiny overhead charge that could be eliminated, but that tiny act of kindness showed me the bank cared in a small way. The bank cared to put a smile on the faces of children and customers. So small and insignificant in the eyes of many, but oddly enough it’s made a lasting impression on me.

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To this day, when I visit the drive-thru of a bank in the city, I always hold out hope for a sweet treat to be returned in the capsule and inevitably am slightly disappointed when I drive away empty-handed. Proof of the lasting effects of kindness. Even the smallest acts have a lasting impact.

What small acts of kindness have left a lasting impression on you?

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  1. Nick Ranly says

    Tootsie Rolls at Hemmelgarn Marathon (Wuebkers). I was able to be on the giving and receiving end of that job. Small appreciation that made a big impact on the customers day. :)

    • Jackie says

      Funny how the smallest things can make the biggest difference, right, Nick? Gotta love a small town:-)

  2. says

    Suckers at the local barbershop, “Barbershop on Main”. Suddenly it seems that all the kids want to go along when Will gets his hair cut. So glad that kids are welcome!

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