What Do You Live For?


A few weeks ago I read a blog by Jon Acuff titled, Beware The Lady Gaga Problem. He referred to Lady Gaga’s most recent song, Applause, where she repeatedly sings, “I live for the applause.” Jon questioned his readers as to whether they are chasing a dream for the applause or because there is deeper meaning.

His post made me question my own motives in regard to my career. It seems as I get older, my dreams are leading me down a bit of a different path than in the past. My dream for years had been to work in the music industry, to be a part of the machine that spreads music, words, healing, comfort, and joy to people all over the world. Words have the ability to shape people, to help people. I love how music can be the vehicle for words to do those things, but after working in this industry for six and a half years I have to ask myself, am I working in the music industry because I have a real passion and purpose for it or do I work in the music industry because of the applause, because it’s a bit uncommon, yet sought after and can be fun and unique? I’m not sure I know the answer to that question yet.

Is this where God wants me to be, or are my gifts better suited to be focused elsewhere? I have to admit in the past couple of years my passion and purpose in the music industry seems to flicker in and out like the light beams from a candle in a pitch black room. Is the dream being tested or is the light being put out so a new light can shine in a different place?

Sometimes it’s really difficult to discern where you belong and what your biggest purpose might be, but I have to believe if we are moving forward based on the temporary applause, we will most certainly run into a dead end. Passion and purpose take shape around ideas that are much bigger than applause-seeking. Passion and purpose coincide with the gifts we are given. Passion and purpose have the ability to reach far into the lives of other people to make a lasting impact.

I’m absolutely not saying everyone in the music industry is seeking the applause. There are so many talented artists, writers, musicians, and industry folks that are utilizing their greatest gifts in the music industry. They very well are probably exactly where God wants them. However, it’s important for everyone no matter where they work or what they do to ask themselves why they do what they do.

Instead of following a dream for the applause, follow the dream you’d chase even if no one else was paying attention. Follow the dream that gives you passion and purpose in life.

What’s your greatest dream? Do you chase it for the applause?


Laughs and Love,


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  1. says

    The comment, “the dream you’d chase if no one else was paying attention” struck a chord. I don’t know why, but recently, when my kids make bad decisions at school when no one is looking, I tell them. “It’s what you do when no one is looking that really counts. It’s easy to be good when everyone is watching, but what do you do when no one is looking.” I think the same is true with other things in our lives. What do we do when no one is looking? Are we proud of that?

  2. Francisco Domingues says

    I think that nobody is older enough or is tired enough that is not able to keep chasing their dreams. If we spent six or ten years dreaming of something special on our career or on our personal lives, it doesn’t mean that our goal would not come tomorrow or after tomorrow. If God gave you a talent, take advantage of it to help yourself and people around you. If we look at the back and see how many people we already helped with our job during the past six or ten years, we can see that we are on the right direction. How many of those people could realize their dreams because of the job that we have done to them. How many of those people could not help several other people after getting results from our job? I think that is the normal cycle. That is God’s wheel. If we are afraid of something or demotivated with something, think a bit with your heart. He knows where he is going to take you. No matter if someone else is not paying attention to our efforts. If we do our best everyday, we are where God wants us. Sometimes takes very long time to understand it…

What are your thoughts?