Screw The Lists


I make lists for everything. To-do lists at work, to-do lists at home, lists of projects to accomplish and spaces to be cleaned, grocery lists, lists of upcoming expenses, etc. The list of lists goes on and on and on. Not surprising, eh?

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Sometimes all these lists tend to run my life or at least my mind. They become a nagging reminder of all the things I just don’t have time to accomplish in a day’s time. This usually leaves me feeling like I’m constantly behind and will never get “caught up.” Do we ever really get “caught up,” though? Why must I choose to make so many lists? Maybe I just like the sensation of crossing items off the list when they’ve been completed…

Perhaps the lists are creating a false sense of urgency for less important things in my life. Or it could be the lists are adding unnecessary stress to my life where no stress is needed.

So, you know what? Sometimes you just have to say, screw it! Forget the lists and just relax!

Laughs and Love,



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  1. says

    I think the title of this post is funny! Sometimes I have to laugh at my need for lists. Part of why I like them is that I keep thinking about the things that I have to do so I won’t forget them. Once I write it down, I don’t worry about forgetting things anymore. But it is a challenge not to get disappointed when you’re not crossing things off.

    • Jackie says

      Yeah, I thought about making the title a little more politically correct, but then thought to myself…nope, this is what I literally thought about it so this is what it will be:-)

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