If I Don’t Feel Close To The Lord, Who Moved?


I know that I’ve been a bit elusive as of late so my apologies for taking such a long break from blogging. In the midst of my hiatus, I’ve managed to move twice and have taken two trips home to Ohio, so I’m sure you can understand I’ve been a bit discombobulated. In addition to all of the madness, I haven’t had internet access outside of work (with the exception of my smart phone) since the end of June. All of which has made me discombobulated AND disconnected in the month of July.

With all this transition and being completely thrown out of my comfort zone, I’ve also managed to lose diligence in my prayer routine. Last Thursday while at daily Mass, I sat and listened to Father Joe MacMahon’s homily for the day. He opened his homily with a question that shot straight into my heart and settled deep in my gut.

“If I don’t feel close to the Lord, who moved?”

I knew the answer to this question before it managed to escape his lips.

“It is me.”

As he recited the answer to the question posed, I realized the truth and meaning behind his statement. Not only did I realize it, but I was replaying snapshots of my “busy” life over the past month and saw the effects. Something had been lacking in my life lately. I knew I needed more of something or someone and I think I even knew Jesus was what I needed more of, but until I heard the question posed ever so bluntly I hadn’t fully accepted my reality.

I have strayed. Maybe not far, but I have moved away from Jesus. The circumstances of my life have caused me to be a bit out of sorts and perhaps it’s a good thing to be shaken up and deterred from our normal routine every now and then, but our relationship with God should not be shaken. The one thing – above all else in this life – that matters most is our relationship with Christ.

Ask yourself this very question.

Do you feel close to the Lord?

If you don’t, who moved?

Laughs and Love,








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  1. says

    I must say Jackie, you are so incredibly profound with what you share with your readers. I have also strayed from my faith, even though I know God is always there for me. Thank you for sharing your message with me and others. We all need to be reminded of God’s ever constant love for us.

    • Jackie says

      Thanks for your comment, Rebecca, and your encouragement as well. God is so good. I just want to share his love and especially His incredible mercy with the world. I am nothing without Him.

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