Don’t Waste Time, Be Happy Now


Often times I find myself looking to the future, setting goals and pushing forward in order to obtain more – more of something or someone that leads to more happiness. It’s so easy to think, if I could just get that job, that spouse, that promotion, that house, then I’d be happier. Then I’d have reached success. We do this with so much in our lives, whether it’s with our professional, personal, or spiritual life. Happiness is something we always strive towards and as we move forward, the line we strive towards also moves forward, never quite fulfilling our search.

How do you get more of ‘happy’?

You might think there are many ways to do this, but ultimately there is really only one way.

Be happy right now. In order to obtain happiness, we need to be happy in the now.

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If you’re not able to find happiness in this moment, what makes you think you’ll be able to find it in the next?

Laughs and Love,


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