Don’t Be Afraid To Dream


Yesterday I was talking with someone who’s become a mentor to me and before I left he said, “Don’t Be Afraid To Dream.”


Why is it that so many of us are afraid to dream? What holds us back from chasing our dreams? If we really were to get honest with ourselves, I think we might find – simply enough – fear is what solely stands in the way of us chasing our dreams. Nothing more.

Fear is what leads us to makes excuses as to why we think we can’t chase our dreams. I think I’ve been full of those excuses lately.

Perhaps this mentor of mine, suggesting I not be afraid to dream, could sense I felt there was more I could be and should be accomplishing – because I definitely was.

Do you ever feel like you’ve packed up your God-given talents and gifts and put them in a tiny little box off to the side for safe-keeping until someday when you’re at a point in your life with loads of time, disposable income, and no worries? Do you think to yourself…then…THEN… is when I’ll unpack those talents and gifts and put them to use?

How silly is this logic?

The world needs your talents NOW.

The world needs your gifts NOW.

Don’t be afraid to dream.

Even more, don’t be afraid to live your dream.

Laughs and Love,



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