Can It Love You Back?

So, I was going to go to bed, but two things happened in the last ten minutes that inspired me to write a blog post instead.

One of those things was a result of a conversation with a friend. As we spoke, a phrase she said, was basically flashing in neon lights in my head and begging me to write a blog post about it. My crazy brain sort of works that way. I get my inspiration from real life. I write those pieces of inspiration in a notebook and from some of those ideas, a blog post is born. Well, the phrase she used didn’t even make it to my notebook, instead it took the fast track to my blog.

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Shortly after this conversation, I saw a note from a friend who was kindly encouraging me about recent blog posts. It was nice to hear. Sometimes when you make yourself vulnerable to post things from your heart, you never know how it’ll be received by the people who take the time to read it, and for me it can be intimidating and scary at times. Sometimes even enough to discourage me from writing altogether.

All this to say, both of those happenings have encouraged me to write, right now.

So, back to the conversation my friend and I were having tonight… We were talking about life, work and relationships – basically trying to solve all of life’s mysteries and dilemmas. More than anything, I guess we were trying to calm the storm within our own hearts and minds.

As we talked about relationships in particular, the “neon lights” phrase she used, was “music can’t love me back.” I love music, she loves music, we both work in music. It can be amazing at times and at others it can be challenging. Sometimes it can cause us to lose sight of what’s really most important (as so many things we love in life can do). No matter how much we love our jobs or our hobbies or activities we are involved with, the jobs, hobbies and activities can’t love us back. So often we sacrifice important relationships in order to pursue things that can’t love us back.

Guilty here. I’ve definitely done that in my lifetime. Pretty sure I’m probably doing it currently too – probably even without realizing. But is it worth it? Sure, we need to have jobs, hobbies and other activities to be involved in for lots of reasons and to help enhance our lives and even help build relationships. BUT are you sacrificing your most important relationships in order move closer to something that will never and can never love you back?

Music won't love me back|Image Source|

The underlining truth that came from this conversation is some things in life are just less important than others in the grand scheme of things. Some relationships aren’t healthy or beneficial to you, but some relationships need to be nurtured and put above all the other things in our lives.

What are your motives? What are you pouring yourself into above all else? Can it love you back?

Laughs and Love,

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  1. Joanne says

    Jackie, I agree that music can’t love you back. Only people can. However, it can be a powerful tool. I will never forget that you sent us a collection of songs that you thought would comfort us after our Ashlie died. I played that DVD over and over, and it did help me get through those dark days. When we sold our car, we accidentally left some DVDs in the DVD player, one of which was yours. We realized it several days after the car was sold, so we had to make a special trip to the car dealership to retrieve it. That DVD is special to us, both because the music was so comforting, and because you loved us enough to spend time to put it together.

    • Jackie says

      Thanks for your note, Joanne, and for the reminder. You are so right and it’s good to be reminded why I got into music in the first place! Music has definitely been a great tool for me too and has gotten me through many tough times as well. Just trying to make sure I don’t spend my life chasing something, while sacrificing real relationships. The perspective and the motives are what’s important I guess.

      Also, so nice to hear what you thought about the CD I made for you. I had no idea it meant that much. Glad to know you enjoy it:-) Love you!

    • says

      I always say, when I die or move on from my job, they’ll get someone to replace me. But my family won’t. It helps me to keep things in perspective when I’m being pulled in a million different directions. Family first.

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