Live radically, authentically, and unapologetically as your truest self.

Work In Progress

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Hey lovely readers! By now you may have noticed that my website is starting to look a little different. Yeah, it's a work in progress - just like me:-) I'll continue making tweaks and changes as I get closer to the way I would Continue Reading

Chill Out, Martha!

Jesus Loves Me I AM Enough

  I have an image of you in the story of Jesus with Mary, and Martha. You are Martha busy at work in the kitchen. Jesus comes over to you, gently takes your hand, and leads you out of the kitchen and into the gathering room and asks Continue Reading

God’s Got This


  Two days ago I wrote a post called, "Shine, Child, Shine!" about being fully you, just as you were created to be and how important it is for each one of us to live authentically as ourselves. I also acknowledged a tendency to Continue Reading

Shine, Child, Shine!


|Image Source| The world needs YOU just as you were created. Forget the expectations, facades, and cover-ups. Be you and be fully you. You were uniquely crafted with a distinct mixture of specific personality traits and gifts that match Continue Reading

A Prayer For You

  Years ago after a retreat I attended, the Lord gave me a prayer which I've since remembered, which is kind of amazing because if there's anything I'm not so great at it's memorizing things word for word. Thank God it's a short Continue Reading

He’s Not a Jerk

See Souls

  It's not an uncommon occurrence, one person is hurt by another and so the one doing the hurting is simply written off with, "he's a jerk." Simple as that, no changing anyone's mind. Do we ever consider why he might be acting like Continue Reading

Choose Better Words


  A thought pops into my mind. Said thought exits my mouth. I often find myself word vomiting as such. Just because a thought enters my mind, does not mean that it needs to exit my mouth. Filter, Jackie, filter. I've become acutely Continue Reading

Keep Making Me

Keep Making Me

  Killing me. This song is killing me. When I hear a song and it strikes a chord with me, I WEAR IT OUT. Right now, 'Keep Making Me' by the Sidewalk Prophets has been on repeat in my car for days. The reason is because it's my Continue Reading

Wonderfully Made


  Why is it so difficult to believe the truth about ourselves? Why do we spend so much time beating ourselves down and telling ourselves exactly why we think we are not good enough instead of building ourselves in His Truth? Why Continue Reading

I Am Peter

Peter the Apostle

  Once. Twice. Three times. Peter the Apostle denied Christ THREE times, even after being forewarned that one among the Apostles would do so. Peter was a man who loved our Lord so much. He gave up his life to follow Christ. Yet, Continue Reading

Let God Have It

Pope Francis

  I will never forget hearing those words for the first time. I was making my second silent retreat. The first time I attended a silent retreat I discovered an intense personal relationship with God which I had never fully realized Continue Reading

Lord, I Need You

Lord, I Need You

  My heart has been sensitive to the words in this song for quite sometime. Perhaps an entire year by now. Lord, I Need You Written by Matt Maher, Jesse Reeves, Kristian Stanfill, Christy Nockels, and Daniel Carson Lord, I Continue Reading

Can It Love You Back?


So, I was going to go to bed, but two things happened in the last ten minutes that inspired me to write a blog post instead. One of those things was a result of a conversation with a friend. As we spoke, a phrase she said, was basically Continue Reading

You Are Loved

You Are Loved

  When things get frustrating and blurry, when you need clarity and to feel purpose, just remember... YOU.ARE.LOVED. We often need reminded of these three words. On the outside you may be putting on a show, trying hard to Continue Reading

What Do You Live For?


  A few weeks ago I read a blog by Jon Acuff titled, Beware The Lady Gaga Problem. He referred to Lady Gaga's most recent song, Applause, where she repeatedly sings, "I live for the applause." Jon questioned his readers as to Continue Reading

Jaded or Recreated?


  Laying facedown on the carpeted floor of my roommate's bedroom, I closed my eyes and listened to her strum the strings of a new mandolin. Lyrics of a song she felt inspired to begin writing yesterday poured from her unique and Continue Reading

Start With Yourself

Let Me Start With Myself

Do you ever find yourself completely frustrated? Frustrated with your circumstances? Frustrated with the people around you? Frustrated with your job? Frustrated with the government? Frustrated with any number of things? Frustration usually Continue Reading

One of the Twelve

Created with The GIMP

  As I sat in Mass listening to the priest recite the Gospel according to Luke (Luke 6:12-19), my ears heard the words differently than ever before. The message of the Gospel: Jesus chose Twelve. Twelve. Out of all of His Continue Reading

Love Is Selfless

Love Never Fails

  Yesterday I wrote, Fear Is Mostly Selfish. Fear is a natural reaction. Some people fear more than others, but everyone fears in some capacity. Don't go feeling horribly about yourself just because I say fear is mostly selfish. I Continue Reading

Fear Is Mostly Selfish

  What causes us to fear? Our own thoughts and reactions to a situation that could potentially affect us - usually in a negative way - cause fear. Our fears are a result of dwelling within ourselves too much. Next time you catch Continue Reading

Uproot Your Past

The Past

  Things happen. Life happens. It doesn't always go the way we imagined or intended. We learn and change. Then, we try really hard to bury our past deep down inside so nobody else can dig it up. In the process, roots of the past Continue Reading

Flawed and Imperfect


  I used to think it was bad to make mistakes and if by chance you did make a mistake you shouldn't let the world see your fault. Now I realize the importance of allowing yourself to make mistakes and the valuable lessons learned in Continue Reading

Screw The Lists

To Do List

  I make lists for everything. To-do lists at work, to-do lists at home, lists of projects to accomplish and spaces to be cleaned, grocery lists, lists of upcoming expenses, etc. The list of lists goes on and on and on. Not Continue Reading

The Thirty Club

Age is Beauty

  Exactly one year ago from today (on my 29th birthday) I wrote a post titled, Embrace Your Age. Since that post I bet you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear if I would feel the same way about aging as I Continue Reading

To you, Daddio

Mom and Dad and I at college graduation

  In this life some people don't get to hang on to their Daddies here on earth as long as they'd like. Today and every day celebrate your Dad. Dad, you are the rock and backbone of our family. The able and willing provider, Continue Reading


Don't Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

  When we compare ourselves to others we seem to focus on what we don’t have - the areas in which we fall short. What we forget is that we aren’t on the same playing field as anyone else.  Each person is on his or her own individual Continue Reading

What CAN You Do?

Positive Life

  One of my favorite phrases to use when I'm coaching, training or motivating is, "Don't tell me what you can't do, tell me what you CAN do!" This phrase is so powerful because it shapes your thoughts. It forces you to focus on Continue Reading


Lead With Love

  Have you ever been locked in a stalemate? You find yourself saying something like, "she's the one that has to apologize first," or "the ball is in his court." You might think, "I'll be friends with that person, but they have to Continue Reading

Let Go

Give It Away

  Do you possess your belongings or do they possess you? A friend of mine was telling me a story of a friend of hers that had such a giving heart. Her friend was the kind of person that if she had invited someone over and that Continue Reading


Home is Where Your Mom Is

  Self-giving love. Sacrifice. Dying to oneself continuously. This is what our mother's do for us every day of the year for our entire lives. Through marriage, two become one. Through a bond, a fusion, a love so strong, that married Continue Reading